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"The actual zero distance doesn't really matter as long as you know the aimpoint for each distance" Quote by Tench

That says it all!

Everything is a compromise and your scope height is more important as Chris was referring to earlier.

I'm similar to Chris in that I use medium mounts to give a centre to centre distance of approximately 45/46mm.

I always use 30 yards zero though as it means I can shoot dead on from first zero at 16 yards to 33 yards usually with a pellet width high at 25 yards(where my PX tells me its perfectly clear).

In actual fact a 30 yard zero is probably the same as a 20 yard or 15/16/17 yard or 27 yard zero in most cases.

I can get 40 and 45 yards in the kill at the same time to hedge my bets on long shots, and 35 yards is 1/4 mildot under crosshairs. Most scopes on a 25 yard px will mean that you start to clear on the edge of the picture at 15 yards so you can judge shorter distances using that. I know that when my target is perfectly clear then its 25 yards and to aim a fraction low in the kill (using a very small objective scope might stop you doing this).
Keeps it simple for me and most shots are dead on crosshairs, unless its an Emley extreme comp !!

Same scope and mounts will give slightly different results on different guns even when at similar heights as I have just found out, but as long as you do your homework as Tench says, its easy!
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