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"What did you replace the Steyr barrel with?"

With an old (12+ years) experimental Shilen barrel made for a prototype CO2 action...The gun was very accurate as the Steyr turned out to be, but the prototype never saw production....Very unfortunately none of the top barrel makers in the USA will consider manufacturing air gun barrels...I offered 2 of them to make a 50 barrel run but they all claim that they are backlogged with other more profitable operations and this is very true as here in the USA we have 1 -2 years waiting time for a .22 RF Shilen Ratchet barrel and the same applies for other premium barrels.

Steyr Nickel Plates some of its barrels and this kills accuracy, they come alive once the Nickel wears out of the lands and grooves but this takes many thousands of shots...My LG-110 came with one of these barrels.

I cut the tenon and crowned two barrels and then had themt CERAKOATED (light silver) for keeping the original looks of the gun...One barrel turned out slightly better than the other and that is what is on the gun.
Please see pics for Tenon, Crown and Cerakoat finish.

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Originally Posted by rich View Post
"To shoot BR well with an air rifle is far more difficult than it looks. It's also very compelling........
More like liable to drive you to madness or drink rather than compelling! Only one more card to do........! Must get weighing my pellets!"

"Must get weighing my pellets!"
I hear you...Very fortunately we can shoot at 20 ft./lb. here in the USA and at those velocities and specially at 25 yards/meters pellet weight is not really an issue to be considered....
I shoot JSB's 10.34 at 920-925 ft./sec. at both: 25 and 50 yards out of the tin but I do wash/lube them to extend cleaning periods...

"More like liable to drive you to madness or drink rather than compelling! Only one more card to do..."
Make no mistake about it...In order to shoot well in BR you have to become a MACHINE shooting a machine where the next shot is the most important...If you think you miss!

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