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Default FT specifics on using a sling

Hey chaps, had a search and a look at the BFTA rules regarding using a sling and just looking for a bit of clarification.

I fancy shooting my 1st FT shoot at the weekend just for a bit of fun. The grounds it is on I reckon i could get away with prone on a lot of shots.

I am aware of the rules referencing no support to be touching between forearm and fingertips. As use of a sling is allowed, gets to my question.

I have two possible positions i can use the sling comfortably with.

One is with it coming around the back of my arm above the elbow and being held and tightened with the hand. Reckon thats legal as it does not come between 'elbow and fingertip on the underside of the arm.

More questionable stance is with sling coming up the forearm, between elbow and wrist. Would this be an illegal way to use the sling and would count as support relating to the rules?

Other wee question, can the sling be used in sitting position as well?

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