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Default Dedicated BR Rifle

A long story...

I was invited to shoot BR (air rifle) about a year ago...The issue was that I didn't have a gun that would fit the profile...I have two FWB rifles for ISSF at 10 meters and a couple of fine springers but neither the 700 nor the 800 would be competitive at 25 and 50 yards and I can no longer load springers because of a shoulder injury... only "Long Range" PCP gun was a Steyr LG-110 that I customized for FT...when I attended my first BR competition, I was advised to compete with this gun and if I liked the discipline, to then get a dedicated gun....Very politely it was implied that my gun was not capable of serious competition.

Most of the BR rifles out there were highy tuned and customized Rapid Arms BM 500's, a TM 1000 with BR stock (very similar to the BM 500), and other really intimidating sophisticated guns...My Steyr by comparison looked like a Mickey Mouse rifle with a little character...Nevertheless, it is to mention that my Steyr is way more expensive than any of those other guns (in the USA)...

The way the Steyr shot at 50 yards out of the box was not good for my standards, but it was not bad either... it shot .500" groups. But since I never liked the barrel nor the consistency of the regulator, I machined and swapped the barrel and fine tuned the regulator...

After my empirical tuning, the gun turned out to be a real killer shooting sub .200 - .170 " groups at 50 yards very consistently...While the gun is a FT gun, removing the hook and the forearm makes the LV class and it is as good or better than any of the best I have seen out there...

I have competed in HV (with a LV gun) and Open classes in 3 states in the US with this Steyr and the gun won against the best of the best by a margin, specially at 50 yards in the open class...Now t is a very well respected gun around the shooting ranges.

Why do I post a thread about this?...Well, there is the myth that a BR gun needs to be HEAVY for better stability from recoil and vibrations, it should have a BR stock and competition trigger and most of the shooters like LONG barrels with attached barrel tuners and accessories...Better if it is tuned by a renown gunsmith and if it is not COSTLY or look costly, it will not be able to do the job.

The truth of the matter is that weight has nothing to do with BR in AIR GUNS, to me this is important in .22 RF and higher calibers, but PCP rifles have virtually no recoil...From my perspective weight in a PCP gun that is fired over a rest becomes as important as the color of the stock...Longer barrels have nothing to do with accuracy and to me all attached accessories are most of the times only good for intimidating your opponents....My guns shoot the same with and without tuners, moderators and even barrel weights...Actually, they shoot beeter without any attachments, I kept the Steyr Air Stripper for maintaining the originality of the gun but the gun shoots the same with or without it...For people who haven't seen this air stripper, it turns out to be a good piece of conversation.

I strongly believe that all that it is required is a gun that shoots competitively, that is consistent and that has a good trigger...Anyone can fine tune a gun, there are tons of information on how to do it over the Internet.

I recently bought a Daystate Hunter Regal XL (5 weeks ago)...I liked the looks, read good reviews about it and it was a good gun for the price...To my surprise OUT OF THE BOX it turned out to be very and I mean VERY accurate...It is NOT a regulated gun, nevertheless it shot under .250" groups at 50 yards pretty consistent and it gives me 45 shots before it starts dropping the vertical...It is not pellet fuzzy and shoots the same pellets my Steyr does, so this is good synergy.

After a little tweaking, this Daystate shoots the same point of impact at 50 yards from 925 to 885 ft./sec (10.34 gr, JSB's)...I can shoot sub .200" or better groups consistently because It has a very large sweet spot...This will be without a doubt my next new BR gun...Can you imagine a unregulated hunting gun giving a run for their money to those ultra accurate, dedicated and highly tuned and costly BR rifles?

The trigger in this Daystate is as good as the best factory triggers and this is all that is needed...I was able to set it down to 4 oz which is where I like them for BR competition...This rifle is a US model that is set for 20 ft./lb, we can shoot at this energy in FT and BR competitions the US.

Summarizing: My intention with this story is to motivate all of those shooters who want to compete in BR but are intimidated or don't have a dedicated PCP BR rifle...Fine tune your guns and trust them....guns are just tools and there are many tools that can do the job very well.

Regards for all members,


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