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Originally Posted by DreamGenie View Post
Quote - "Hope you have survived the wife/daughter syndrome Jason!!! They shot in the next lane to me and had a great time. Seeing as it was their first introduction to MAD they really enjoyed themselves, and I have extracted a promise of coffee cake from Jess for the English Open!!!

I think the excuses came from the "seasoned Madders" like me, who was certainly shown up by a cool young lady knocking down a few targets I didn't, especially the free stander!!!!
They certainly did enjoy the day and i think will come down again for another try...if only to get better scores - disappointed didn't really cover it.
Jess will certainly be making you a cake, we really hope you enjoy coming to our little corner of Rutland and we can give you a course that is at least interesting, if a little rough and ready.
Will you be rushing off straight after the competition or would you like to hang around for a while and stay for a bbq by the river?
Just off to mow the area again to try and make it a look little more like a proper course!!
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a bit of a theme emerging here......
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