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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
110 fps variation...get real..dodgy chrono reading or springer settling in period, or dodgy����
its none of what you say...totally the pellets, when i moved to the smaller piston diameter (done 6 guns now) I noted some pellets suddenly gave way different results, often guns that would shoot X pellet and not Y pellet would suddenly the TX, my 440TH stayed the same. If i weigh out superfield 4.51 and put 50 thru the TX you would seriously give your right arm for the gun...its that consistent

I also noted NickG looks to have seen similar issues and I know Jon Budd HAS seen similar issues with JSB's and noted it was just a batch issue on his small piston set up (again a TX)

So there is more to it, maybe that tin I have (somewhere) is just a late friday tin and is full of odd length and odd head size thinking thats all it is.

However please answer the simple question, how can I see a 40fps change in velocity from a 2013 manufacture and a 2015 manufacture pellet...thats 9.5fpe going to 11fpe with just a different (pellet) when they are supposed to be the same?

Then i look at the LGU, has a tighter lead in (you can feel it) and this shoots more consistent with the newer and older is it more a skirt issue than a head issue? I have not measured skirt diameter yet.
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