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Default An apology from Buxted

Would just like to take the opportunity to apologise for the extremely long stoppage in the first session yesterday I appreciate it probably put a few people off their game (how often do you get a gold plated excuse for tihs wind reading and range finding gifted to you?).

Although "The Spiders Web" wasn't in my opinion as challenging as it often is I felt it was worth taking the time to prove its bomb proof mechanism hadn't failed. Someone has misplaced the normal step ladders(extremely tall) used to check the pole shot so that once discovered required the finding of alternative means. Do think we at Buxted have the most accomodating land owners possible.

So once again I can only apologise but I think we would mostly agree HFT wouldn't be much fun if we had no targets over head height. Oh and I personally know three people who have hurt themselves falling out of trees to bring us that extra challenge when flopping over Tin Chickens. So maybe we should take time to reflect the effort that goes into placing these shots and appreciate that the checking marshalls often have to be gymnasts to get the Chilly Checker on them. That is after all why Gary developed his svelte like form.

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