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We've been nesting chronos here. Ie finding chronos whose sensors are widely spread, then fitting another inside that which has narrower sensors and another in that again. So the pellet passes through chrono a b & c sensor one, then chrono c b & a sensor two. What we saw was that when conditions were X they would each correlate with each other but have around 16 fps between highest and lowest. When conditions were Y they would correlate still, but the gap would be 8 or sometimes 4.

We shot those with a number of pellets shooting groups at 50m. The chronos were away from the muzzle.

Now it's not all very scientific but it can be refined but the only chrono which didn't shift when conditions went from X to Y was the infra red one. And although the skan wasn't one of them, testing in similar changing conditions has made me suspicious of its consistency in inconsistent conditions. But of course we'd need a proper test to demonstrate that.

That's the issue though. We're not being scientific here. We are saying x batch from x year is the holy grail in x gun... And then by the same we are saying y is terrible across all of y year in all guns. But reading the posts there's not even agreement on which year is bad. It's about as consistent as saying which batch is good. Some seem to be selling a high value. I haven't tested those yet. No need, I'm quite happy with what I have. I've sold pellets on to people using the same gun as me that I thought weren't as good as others I have and the new owner has been over the moon.

The thing is though, we aren't testing all the batches. We are testing the ones we get. If you've ever seen the batch list its massive. And it changes almost by the month. The ones we get may only be a fraction of what Jsb sell because most pellets will come in by one distributor and possibly over very few shipments. Try another route and you will see there are countless more batches per year than the one someone got one year and another the next and tested a 100 pellets from without shooting a group or establishing any baseline.

A few years back one of the top prone shooters cut the back of his jacket at the neckline making a V shape. He won something like Olympic or World Cup. Next event there were several other shooters with the same mod to the jacket. They had apparently deduced they had the same issue he had had and that his solution had worked for them as well. All without asking him why.
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