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Im not worried by it, as i said the bad 2015's did shoot kinda fine in the TX, and shoot awesome in the LGU, its just now they shoot rubbish. I just spent 30 mins looking for the last tin i have of them thats not mixed with the newer batch (I use an old .22 FTT tin for storage as it holds 2 tins) and I failed, so I can not quote you the numbers off the tin or even send you some.

Regards the 100fps spread, it was there, only on the TX mind, so maybe as I said me altering the power plant altered how well the pellets seal and accelerate...the newer batch are more consistent as you have seen by the graph and my golden 2013's (3 tins left) are what I would be expecting. Superfield 4.51 are nothing short of amazing thru it so i just shoot these now instead.

I just know the barrel has stayed the same, the gun delivers with 2013 manufactured at 755 to 765fps and yet the newer batch i picked up 2 weeks or so ago is 40fps down, and I can not explain why.
My Chrono is a Skan Rob...however all things can be out BUT im comparing fps to fps over 30 shots at a time (I just record the last 10 for the graph) and it is consistent. I tested my LGU here at home with the measured 4.51's and over the skan at the club and they were reading the same averages over 10 shots give or take.

The newer 2015's shoot well in my MFR. R10 and Scorpion its not like they will not be used

One of the lads at the last boinger bash was telling me most of the 2015 batches are not that good and lads are now trying to buy up 2012 and 2013 batches from where ever they and find them, he was telling me the 2013 batch I have here has changed hands for 20quid a tin.

I don't shoot competitions, I just practice and shoot critters with my rifles, but i do like to shoot consistent pellets if i can.
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