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Originally Posted by caretaker View Post
. Or is that a bit harsh ?
YES. It is. (please bear in mind that this post is slightly tainted by me being told a couple of months ago to move my car from where I parked it on a Sunday morning as that was the committee's parking area and "we do all the work"!

I'd appreciate other members feed back on this but for me, the committee are our representatives. As I understand it (PLEASE correct me if I am wrong) but the entry fees paid by each attendee are spit between the club and NEFTA so as an event that's bringing in money to our club, I would expect our representatives to be attend and to assist the competition secretary? I have to be honest and say I dont know all our Committee members by sight but to my count I only saw 3? (Again, I am prepared to be corrected, if you were there and aren't Keith/Danny/Chick, it simply means I don't know you!)

On a more personal note I did comment to my shooting partner at the time how poor the turn out was and had I known how much running round poor Keith was doing I'd have tried to change my plans to help him. If members of our own club (Me and Steve so far?) noted this, I wonder how many representative of other clubs also noticed?

Going back to my opening paragraph, The next time I am told to move my car as its in the committee's area and the committee that do all the work should park there, unless its Keith/Danny/Chick asking me, i suspect the answer will be no!

Rgds Simon Hilton

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