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There's no way you are going to get 110 fps variation from a tin. That's the power plant or chrono. I couldn't get that feeding exact rs 7.3s and 8.4 exacts in into the same gun.

If you like send that tin to me, we'll video it from opening through chrono'ing and post the results. If you like we will also video the 7.3s and 8.4s going through. In fact we could get some heavies and see how they fair.

If we are going to talk accuracy and precision then we need indoor on paper verified groups.

There will be variations on head size and weight which and other variables which is why batches seem to provide different performances. And I've seen differences in point of impact down range between different batches. But it's hysteria when that's extrapolated to the financial security being in jeopardy of a multi million turnover company or the reason someone misses a 7 yard target plate as seemed to be intimated my one poster elsewhere.

If you are going to draw massive conclusions from very small sample sizes you had better make sure the possible errors are known and accounted for. The basic would be to establish a baseline with another product demonstrating that the testing procedure is capable of demonstrating the ideal in the first place. Because if you can't it's completely logical to state the procedure or equipment could be at fault.
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