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And a reply to someone who asked for the testing method. I believe he is on here and an FT shooter

Mr Sangróniz

Thank you so much for your reply and it is very much appreciated. Our article was in response to the many airgunners who use social networking and our own website who in the last six months have been complaining about the drop in quality over this time period and the response has been that 90% of the airgunners have confirmed that in their opinion there has been indeed a drop in the quality and many are switching to different pellets. Most of the airgunners that replied were HFT shooters and as yet we have not identified any FT shooters who responded. We were very careful before publishing our conclusions and here is some information for you.

The weighing was carried out by myself and I am a fully licenced and insured B.F.T.A instructor with more than a few years experience with airguns.
We sourced three sets of identical scales and we found that two corroborated exactly and we used one of those. I have attached a picture of the scales for you. They were approved class 2 electronic jewellers scales and came with an iso 9001 quality control certificate and they retail at arond £400 GBP and are not toys or indeed budget. They can weigh accurately to within 0.01gr but they were set to round up or round down to 0.1 gr. Thus a pellet weighing 8.44gr would display at 8.4gr and a pellet weighing 8.46gr would display at 8.5gr.
I made sure that the room temperature was well within the tolerances and reset the scales to zero after every set of ten pellets were weighed.

We did not check or measure the head sizes as we did not have accurate enough equipment to do so.

The skirts were checked by placing the pellets using a speedy pellet inspector and the pellets were placed gently into the holes and inspected with a magnifying glass. You can see the inspector using this link.

While I don't profess to be scientific in any way I do have a technical background and took great care in using very accurate scales and even went to a jewellers to check the scales with a known and certified 10gr weight and two of the scales were shown to be perfect and the one that was slightly out was discarded. The scales were borrowed as we have no need for expensive equipment and have now been returned but we may borrow them again if the need arises

At no point in our article did we say that we measured head size and we have no intentions of doing so.

I personally still use the JSB exacts and they are still my pellet of choice and I have personally met a lot of the Czech shooters at the HFT world championships and I hold both them and JSB in high regard and will continue to use their products. Some of the feedback we have received does indeed say that in 2008 and up till 2012 the JSB exacts were indeed very consistent and it seems to be that only in last six months the quality has been seen to drop.
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