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Had an FTP for about 6 months now.
After initial problems with power being way down, I had the AT taken out which gave me the ability to fine-tune to a chosen pellet.

Started with JSB's but found I couldn't get consistency, tried AA Fields at 770fps and they were much better, then went onto AA Express and they were superb at 800fps and are now my go to pellet for competition.

I find that my barrel does like a clean after every shoot. I've tried not cleaning at all and it starts going all over the shop, so for the sake of 2 minutes I clean mine though it does seem to vary.
I'm trying a different barrel prep. to see if I can change this.

Still tweaking, a little at a time mainly adjusting the trigger to get it exactly how I like it.
Not convinced about the barrel shrouds/frame, would like to remove permanently but I've tried a bare barrel and it was worse grouping than with all the gubbins in place.

Overall a very good rifle for the money, not as good as the FWB800's or Anschutz 9003 but then it's a grand cheaper.
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