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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
Kyle , am I correct , you said
1. Have only just out your gun back together
2. Have not had a chance to zero it therefore that's why I missed all those targets
3. Just got a new pair of boots
Are you sticking with those for the Lea Valley shoot on Saturday buddy ?

Rog B , if memory serves me correctly
1. Have not shot for a good while therefore are rusty
2. New trigger on the Walther and have not shot a comp with it
3. Hot socks ?? Is this right ? Can you please confirm as we need your excuses BEFORE we shoot
Boots old and comfy but too warm= affects my concentraion on positionals

And mine are
1. Have cleaned barrel throughly but at the same time have changed pellets
2. Also have new boots so that's why I missed those shots
3. Have tried to change trigger pull slightly ( catastrophic break down for sure😀 )

Guys ,can you please check your excuses BEFORE we shoot as a different one will not work after the shoot has finished . You need to submit your excuses before you shoot . Points will be docked for a late excuse and also using someone else's excuse . Sadly this does happen from time to time .

Excuse 3 amended
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