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Default Just to confirm excuses for the weekend 😀

Kyle , am I correct , you said
1. Have only just out your gun back together
2. Have not had a chance to zero it therefore that's why I missed all those targets
3. Just got a new pair of boots
Are you sticking with those for the Lea Valley shoot on Saturday buddy ?

Rog B , if memory serves me correctly
1. Have not shot for a good while therefore are rusty
2. New trigger on the Walther and have not shot a comp with it
3. Hot socks ?? Is this right ? Can you please confirm as we need your excuses BEFORE we shoot

And mine are
1. Have cleaned barrel throughly but at the same time have changed pellets
2. Also have new boots so that's why I missed those shots
3. Have tried to change trigger pull slightly ( catastrophic break down for sure😀 )

Guys ,can you please check your excuses BEFORE we shoot as a different one will not work after the shoot has finished . You need to submit your excuses before you shoot . Points will be docked for a late excuse and also using someone else's excuse . Sadly this does happen from time to time .

I didn't ask for these powers !
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