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Ive been fine tuning my regulated HFT500 so far ive got some good results, i chronod the 1st shot then every tenth shot with unweighed 8.4 exacts

210bar fill
1st shot = 781
10th shot = 775
20th shot= 778
30th shot= 778
40th shot= 776
50th shot= 778
60th shot= 782
70th shot= 779
80th shot= 777
90th shot= 785
100th shot= 782
110th shot= 783
120th shot= 782
130th shot= 781
140th shot= 782
150th shot= 789
160th shot= 785

after the 160th shot it dropped of the 85bar reg big time.
Glad i picked it up second hand with a reg fitted as i feel the shot count is very poor standard giving the size of the air resivour.
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