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Default The art of Field target

The Greyhound probably make more money off the normal punters going down and plinking , on a hot sunny day than putting a MFTA shoot out. If I remember correctly it was just two members of the club that were available to work hard and put the course out. Its a shame comments above may stop clubs from thinking of putting a course out for the MFTA, [/QUOTE]

First off Sue my comments were not ment to be offensive ,just jovial.
I'm guessing that you were not one of the two people because if you were you would know that no course was put out. There may have been lots of grass cutting, hedge trimming and target lubbing but no targets being put out, they have not moved in the last 6 comps that I have shot there.

Originally Posted by simmo 1198 View Post
It's simple Simon don't shoot the Greyhound! I'm sure I'll manage without your help

I have always made a point of thanking you in person for allowing me the use of your ground ,at comps and the few occasions I have gone there to practise .If you would prefer that I do not attend any of the future events at your ground then just say, and out of respect for your feeling I will stay away.
On the other hand if you would like some assistance at any time to alter the positions of your targets then just say and I would be more than happy to help.

Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Any good ideas / suggestions on how to improve the Summer / Winter leagues would certainly be welcomed... Put your ideas to myself or John Sears and through committee approval you could see them implemented.
The last Midlands AGM When these ideas could have been heard I received the grand total of none! Although reading them on here is entertaining it is some what pointless.

Gillie if this was an attempt to suggest I don't reply then I'm sorry but I'm not going to stand by and be belittled by Susan.
I think I kept my reply very polite and hope that by offering not to turn up if requested I have avoided any further issue's.

Simon Francis BFTA 21311

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