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Originally Posted by Doberman1979 View Post
Cheers Gents. That Walters NICE!

Dean. MPR wont go. Am only looking because of GP's. I cant get a clean 50 shots. If I fill to 170 she jumps about half a foot pound from shot 1 to about 12. If I fill to 160 she drops off a cliff from about 45/48 on wards. Add in a couple of wasted shots from targets being called/checked and am just about out of air.

Maybe easier to do what Speed's said and see Tench for a reg.

As you know I like my MPR's and I easily get 60 very very good shots from both of my MPRs, and I think about 45 shots within 15 fps.
If you want me to have a play with it before you reg it, I would be happy to have a look at it. No labour charges. Tench's regs are very good when he has set them up though.

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