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Angry lottery

Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Brilliant course today Ponty....not sure about the new targets but I'm sure the ones with the doughnuts weren't chuffed........I personally think those targets are too much of a lottery shot. Thanks to Nige n Phil for the company on the course.

The wheels fell off for me with a poor course, sillies and pistol score today.
I agree with you Chris but I've said the same think about a couple of your targets for a long time " your willow tree and your japan frag " both of which your shot can go through the gaps close to the centre and other people can still get a plate and be further off centre than yours.

As for today thanks to John Lee and Nigel for the company and thanks to Keith and all the others from Ponty who put the effort into a great course.

I was one of the people who didn't know about the snack van and feel "we" at Ponty should have arranged something like Emley did at their shoot !!
A failing on Ponty's part
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