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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Doesn't work with me, I can choose which image to "see".
I just know I have a preference for the right eye.
We can all choose what item we see when both eyes are open, the magic happens when you close one of your eyes.
When I shoot with both eyes open I get two targets ,one over lapping the other. With the blinder in front of my right eye I get one nice clear image.
I know how it is supposed to work. What I'm saying is for me, that test doesn't work. It only works well if your brain has a strong preference for one eye over the other.

If I hold my thumb up near a distant object, when focused on that distant object, there are two thumb images next to each other. The usual test is to say put your thumb "over" the object then close each eye in turn to determine which eye that image of your thumb is from. This is where the preference comes in, your brain saying your thumb is over the object when the image from the preferred eye is over the image. What I'm saying is for me that would not work as I could equally put either image "over" the object.

If I try this now, wearing my glasses, the image from my left eye is actually sharper. This is possibly because my prescription has changed in my right eye but not much in my left. So if I'd not done the test before and had no idea, there's a good chance it would give a false reading for left eye dominance.

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