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Not sure if it helps as I've only recently moved from HFT to FT.

I've got a little sad book that if I find something useful I write it down in my little book. Sort of Do's n Don'ts.

I was practising with the 77 and trying to find my best sitting position.

Stock on the knee, hand in front of knee ... probably most stable but groupings at 55 yards not great.

So I went more typical front hand cupping kneecap ( gloved ) with bottom of hand and little finger wrapping around kneecap. So 1st finger a palm's width above knee with fore end stock resting on that. Not so stable but better groups.

I then found that if I curled my 2nd finger inwards I could rest that on top of the knee and the curved ( downwards and deeper ) part of the stock sat nicely on that 2nd finger. Gave more stability than the cupped knee, but again groups weren't as good. The recoil must have been reacting through that 2nd finger off the knee.

Maybe a padded kneepad would help but I found best groups with stock just resting on top of that 1st finger and no fingers tucked underneath to add stability.

It went in the book ... Do not tuck finger under stock.

I also found that I had to leave the left fore arm, which rested against the outside of the left thigh, relaxed and loose. If I tensed that up a bit to pull the whole front leg, arm unit tighter ( and more stable ), again the aim was steadier but the groups worse. So I had to make myself relax that left forearm and live with a tad more movement and just be selective when releasing the shot.

That's also in the book.

( Sorry ... that's probably Granny n eggs stuff ).
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