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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Well, things are slowly moving in the right direction. Although Helen still managed to beat me at the weekend it was down to pilot errors rather than gun errors.

The GP was a bit of effort and for a while I was flying, but I'm still plagued by the odd flyer outside of a tight group. So doing some paper punching last night indoors I just did high shot count groups and they weren't that amazing. Generally when I see a flyer, after the crosshairs settle they point to where the flyer hit, so I'm thinking it's pretty much down to me now. I just dont remember the 97 being this hard work. The stock change and tune have helped matters, so it's just a case of persevering. But I still haven't made the choice of what i'm taking to Lithuania.

I'm pondering removing some preload from the TX, she's running at a consistent 810, but i don't really need that. 800 would be fine.

Will see what she's like down the club this weekend, and if I can finally get ahead of Helen on the course. And break double figures on the racks...
Remove a bit of preload rob, I did the same with mine get it down to 795-800 ish, looking at the video of the gp I spotted you with the looked like you were resting the stock on your knee???
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