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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
0.475g = 7.3gn (same as JSB exact express RS, or falcons here)

0.510g = 7.87gn (same as mozzy or JSB exact express)

0.547g =8.44 gn (same as JSB exacts, or whatever else they're badged as this week)


they're JSB's in a tin that looks like it was designed in 30 seconds on a website that looks like it took a minute to setup in MS office... including setting up that 'must have' for trade only.... drum roll... the much sought after sign of quality and trust... ta daaahhh .... a hotmail email.

the phone code is in belgium

and the domain is private reg'd, so that's a dead end... looks like it's hosted on lycos though... another sign of quality

it's only 2 weeks old...

although the server is hosted in the US, the specific request for the HTML to use english GB would suggest it's possibly come from the UK

so it's someone who doesn't want to be found, possibly in the UK with a belgium phone number, or possibly someone in belgium with a UK version of MS Office... selling rebadged JSB's...

Well done boss as Ryan says "Another Myth busted" , Now about that Moon landing thing
I didn't ask for these powers !