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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Hey up James

Hope you and Frank are well.

I think the guy mentioned 'Fields' in his comment re Jan 2015.

On the paper on the bottom of the AA Fields tins you get the info like this ...

14 05.12.2011

4.52 S0 00

Made in Czech Republik

So one presumes that the 05.12.2011 in that example ( taken off one of my old tins ) is the date giving day.month.year.

The numbers on the AA fields do seem to tally up with when you buy them so I always presumed they were dated to the exact date of manufacture. (For instance the two batches I have bought this have been for 12.11.14 and 26.01.15).
I can't find any JSB's that fly straight at the moment. but four batches of AA Fields have been very good, not fantastic one holers, but good enough to give tight groupings at distance and be confident without having fliers.
The best batch I ever had were AA fields from 2010 which had very deep skirts without the mirror in the back. I must admit though that my newly bought second hand Steyr is not too pellet fussy, and seems to group quite well with most decent batches, thats not what I was expecting after hearing of the barrel reputation on Steyr's.

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