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Originally Posted by Capt View Post
Not to ambush the thread, just opened some 4.51 Fields dated Jan 2015 & the quality is noticeably bad compared to same die & batch number from 2014. Will get some pictures up later as they very different.
January 2015???? They definitely do not state the month that they were produced on the batch sticker. Correct me if I am wrong.

I have struggled to find anything better than my 4000013 (0) 4.52. I have shot these through my American rifle and my Steyr.I won two championships with these pellets through both guns. All of the latter ones I have tried have not been as stable in the wind as these. I have e around ten tins left. The next best I have are 10480014 4.52 (0), they are not as stable in the wind and are more erratic.

You can never shoot enough pellets

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