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Got the individual pellets up but cant post a screen grab.
This may work

If not:-

GTE500-52 4.52 0.475g
The Gtec Extreme is a very light pellet with a higher velocity than normal pellets , this gives the pellet a very flat ballistic curve making it the perfect choice for all Target and Field events .

Same as JSB 7.9gr?

GTPM500-51 4.51 0.547g
GTPM500-52 4.52 0.547g
GTPM500-53 4.53 0.547g

The Gtec Pro Match is a very accurate pellet produced to the highest standards , This pellet is at much at home on FT scene as it is on the Benchrest .

The Gtec Pro Match pellet has a perfect distribution of centre of gravity and alignment making this pellet a popular choice in the air rifle World .

JSB Exacts 8.4gr? Need a piccy

Anyone recognise the phone area?
Suspicious using hotmail as well.