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Just found a couple of tins of dregs of AA's that hadn't made the bin.

First marked ...

27 2012 4.51

Head sizes are quite small in the 4.44 4.46 area.

Heads are domed but not semi round. Inside tails are deep ( not surprising as I only buy those ).

Length is 6.02

Next 18 2014 4.52

Heads are larger at 4.48 to 4.50

Heads are round. Proper semi circle round. inside tails are deep ( again no surprise ).

Length is 6.22 ( probably extra dome on the head ).

The 27's all look pretty good with decent tails and are marked as grouped well.

The 18's are the pellet that snapped me re JSB/AA. Tails are dreadful. Not just bent ones ( half the tin ) ... but imperfections.

They were shotgun pellets and there were many posts about saying the same. Maybe just a bad batch or tired Die etc.

All my sizes seem a little small so maybe my vernier is slightly reading on the low side.

I've not bought any this year so maybe the quality is actually better ( size/looks wise etc ).
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