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Originally Posted by simona View Post
Yes, it was the lighter stuff I was talking about, including the various Bisley pellets (long range gold / superfields), which are superb quality but are a let-down through the gun. The H&N 10.6 were the ammo of choice in FT in the early 90s. I did try some not too long ago in my Walther and they dropped like house bricks at 55.
Yeah I'm with you again. Tried all those ( Long Range Gold/Superfields ). Prayed they would shoot well as they looked so well made. Sadly dreadful.

The Mags probably do fall out of the sky at 55. I was trying them for HFT up to 45 with a 35 zero.

At 45 the 8.4gr AA would be aim over 0.75 mildot. The Mags would be 1 mil dot. I actually liked that as I had a specific aim point on the ret. At 40 yards you aimed inside top of all kills with either. 35 zero. 30 tad above centre with either. At 25 you aimed a tad lower with the Mags.

That's with my set up. I never did long range chrono tests but I'm sure the BC would have been higher than the 8.4gr stuff.

The other thing I liked ( I've mentioned this before ). They were so good over the chrono, and in a pcp they were the most efficient pellet, I could set them right up to the max of @ 710fps. They shot very accurately at that. I set the 8.4's at @ 770fps.

... and I found by the time they were starting to budge in the wind the JSB 8.4gr had already drifted an inch at 45 yards.

... but the lighter H & N/Bisley stuff ... like you say.

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