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Yes, it was the lighter stuff I was talking about, including the various Bisley pellets (long range gold / superfields), which are superb quality but are a let-down through the gun. The H&N 10.6 were the ammo of choice in FT in the early 90s. I did try some not too long ago in my Walther and they dropped like house bricks at 55.

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Fair enough Simon if you are, like Dan, finding the quality actually better.

I'm not sure I agree with regards to the H & N pellets re accuracy and ballistics.

The heavy Bis Mags/Barracudas always seem of a good quality and go well over the chrono and group very very well. They also seem to have good ballistics and drop off less than I'd imagine at longer distances ( they drop more than the lighter stuff but not as much as I'd expect or Chairgun predicts ). They also seem excellent in wind in my guns. Seeing as I shot mainly HFT where ranging errors and a dramatic loop is costly, I never wanted to use the 10.6gr pellets.

I do agree re the lighter stuff they make. Mainly the FTT's at mid 8gr. I would love those to shoot well in my rifles. They don't.
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