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I absolutely agree that the performance of JSB exacts dropped off a cliff about a year or two ago. However I am not sure you can use the word 'quality' as tbh whenever i've weighed the 'new' pelletts they are easily more consistent than the 'old' style.

In addition the 'design' is clearly different - notice the 'in-fill' /skirt profile. They should in-fact be classed as a different pellett.
For this reason I don't think the idea of JSB using old dyes is true as they never ran this design before.

With regards to UK distributors causing JSB issues, you would have to say that this is highly unlikely for two reasons:
1, There are less than 1 million known shooters in the UK - and most of those are shot-gunners, By comparison there are more than 18 million shooters in Germany alone. The UK then simply isn't a big enough market to cause such drama's.

2, secondly, with the exchange current rate; presuming thier agreements are that UK distributors pay in sterling, would they not be effectively paying JSB more, relatively speaking?? Of course if they get paid in Euros I guess the effect would be reversed...

Much more likey to my mind that they changed the design to save costs / increase profits or following feedback or R&D from wherever there biggest market is. And / Or to create the market conditions to sell thier 'Premium' pelletts at at a higher rate - forcing people to move across with this new price point eventually becoming the new standard.

All the above without bringing Air Arms & Daystate's prices (which are the same cos they're the same pellett) into the equation. But thats another thread.. :0)
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