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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
The best batch of JSB's I've ever used were the very first ones I used just after they became common (2004ish?). They were £3.25 a tin (through air ammo) and nothing came close to them, they grouped excellently, they were stupidly consistent over the chrono and I could give my left bollock for another sleeve of those.

I cleared the garage about about 2 years ago and found half a tin in there. Put them on my pellet scales and out of the 30 or so I weighed 25 of them were bang on 8.4, with a few 8.3's and a few 8.5's

I'm sure when the demand was low their main mission was to create the best pellets they possibly could, but as demand rises costs do as well and they have to focus on money or they would not be around for very long...

Factor in the pressure AA and daystate put them under over the years (the whole "stop selling pellets in your own brand or we will get our pellets made elsewhere" thing) you cannot blame JSB, it was always going to happen.
Yup, same with my 2005/6/7s, now they have that flat inner, like a Crosman, not rounded like then, and shorter too.
I'm sure the aerodynamics/BC/polar moment of inertia/mojo/voodoo is different now. It is also mostly very windy these days
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