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Originally Posted by Dale View Post
Prior to going to the droop mount , were you shimming the scope, or was it at an extreme of its adjustment?
mr Dale, yes , I think there is a bit of droop on my barrel which may have been floating the tube in the scopes i used, originally a nikko stirling nighteater 2.5-10' then an mtc 3-12 mamba lite . The strange thing was both scopes did the same , maybe their guts are similar ?
As i said i can't explain it in my head but it seems to have stopped .
I was at the point of taking it back and asking for a refund but without a test to demonstrate it was repeatable its a bit difficult to make the claim.

I should add that i've now got weight in the top void of the butt, the silencer has a steel filler , and it has a 97 silencer on it too, weighs a ton .This just seems to have made it more accurate

One other unusual observation with this rifle is that the poi doesnt change when i swop from
Crosman prem lights to heavys or even to hn field target trophy . I would have expected a shift but next to nothing .
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