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Ok, so now i've discovered my 26mm HW97 actually had a 25mm compression chamber in it. So the kit i've bought to drop in, won't.

But anyway, it got a strip and degrease, the bits that looked like they needed a polish got it courtesy of Phil's skills and toys, and it went back in with Rocol (grief that stuff gets everywhere!). We (well Phil) took a smidge off the cocking arm so it had some slack in. Wierd thing though, before we did that and reassembled (read I forgot to mention it before reassembling) it had some slack again. It definitely didn't have barely any before, but had a fraction of a mm at the comp tube. Now it's got a bit more.

So perhaps there was something holding back the compression tube a smidge that took up the slack. Could this be the shift, ie shock travelling down the arm or the piston/comp tube moving..? Could it be the mild mannered janitor?

Anyway, we'll see (as soon as i find my mounts i bought)...

The transfer port for the record is between 3 & 3.1mm.

Next question, where do you get the best most reliable and consistent transfer port seals from. Mine had a nibble in it which I removed so it didn't wave in front of the port... ideally I want to nick it out and put another in.
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