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Another top GP for the C Grade Bandits, with some impressive scores going in. No surprise's from Glen and Gav, both have been on top form all season, good to see Millride was a one off for Gav. Neil had a bad day at the office and just couldn't pull it back but he'll be back that's for sure.

Peter Pops had an amazing shoot and would have done even better if he'd bothered to wipe his scope, still, brilliant score Pops. A PB score of 39 puts him in a strong position to be lifting something at the end of the season.

Mike also put another great score in, another PB I believe, so the race and pressure is now on as 23 C Grades all compete over the last 2 GP's - think that's the most C Graders taking part in the required 5 since the comp started, great news for the sport.

I've updated the sheets and add a new one that drops your two lowest scores so you can see your true position.
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