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Hi Chaps, sorry been out at the ETL GP all day, not been in long and I'm knackered.

I'll email you in the morning Stuart, John - yup that's possible - The carrier plate is 18, the bar from UK Neil is 17 - so 35 in all.

I know someone else has managed to get a replacement bar with a flat plate on it that you can just bolt the standard carrier plate to. I think he paid 35 for the bar and plate - that might be an option if you know someone who can make one.

Lead times are quite long at the moment - 3D prints are taking over 2 weeks to come back (they've had a printer malfunction) and after the parts come back it takes me a few days to finish them off. So realistically you're looking at 3-4 weeks. Still selling loads of hooks, and constantly struggling to find the time in the evenings to keep up with demand

I've made over 200 of the bloody things now
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