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Sinead Egan
Paddy Egan
Greg Hensman Sr
Greg Hensman Jr
Ryan Charlton
Janine Travers
Rik Travers
Nigel Smith
Mick McTighe
Steve Davey (mines the bacon, sausage and egg!)
Pete Sparkes
Jane Sparkes (if it gets warmer)
Derick Stone
Peter Foote (need to collect bonus bunny prize)
Lloyd Grove
Evan Grove
Dan Newell
Chris Coombes
Chris Sutcliffe (Double rations)
Dave Hunter (also to collect bonus bunny)
Ian Hunter
Anthony Higgins (J)
Peter Higgins
Dave Martin
Ryan Martin
Johnny Smith
Nathan Smith
Richard Baldwin
Patrick Hart
John Murry
Wyne Cook

Please add to second session
Shaun Shore
Gregory Ralph
Steve Whiting
Bob Clay
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