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If you choose to shoot 'Open Class' do you have to wear some sort of silly hat and everyone laughs at you and flicks bent pellets at you around the course?

At the tea van do you have to sit in a special area and when the real shooters want a refill you have to fetch them one quick style?

The BFTA introduced 'Open Class' so people could choose not to shoot kneelers and standers.

Yet there are still posts about banning all rules and restrictions on kneelers ... because it's too uncomfortable/difficult etc.

So if people don't want the extra challenge of shooting kneelers ( a fraction like properly ), and my first two sentences don't apply, why don't they shoot in the 'Open Class'?

Wanting to be in the main class, so you are not considered weird, but wanting kneelers to not really be kneelers isn't really the same.

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