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Originally Posted by matt goodson View Post
Given that my nephew plinking in his back garden made a passer by call the police, who deployed the armed response unit, who then arrested him at gun point and took his 6ftlb air rifle away to be tested, I think I'll err on the side of caution

All it takes is one hysterical phone call.
I think that you have a good point and one that we should all be careful about, but, all airguns are adjustable, its just a matter of hoping some common sense is used by the Police if anything happens to warrant a visit.

All it actually takes is one hysterical call saying a gunman is shooting and hey presto armed Police are called as a matter of procedure.

A Detective friend of mine was reported by a passer by on the motorway a few years ago, as he was shooting rabbits in full cammo on a horse paddock. He absolutely dumped himself when the Armed sqaud and helicopter over him turned up! Best is he knew them all! His Cammo wasn't that good after all.
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