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Default Update - Round 4 at Furnace Mill is good to go!


Johnny and I have been up to Furnace Mill today doing the final tweaking of the course (once again Johnny did all the hard work and this time I remembered my waterproofs! ) and laying out the zero range (more of which later).

I drove up there in my Fiesta and I got there fine. Given the rain we'll be having tomorrow, I can't see anybody having any difficulty getting there.

Once again I'll remind people to look out for the signs on the A4117 for Furnace Mill Fishery. Those will take you straight to the site. Somebody posted the lat. long. either on this thread or the other thread and the post code DY14 8NR will get you there also.

It will be a bit wet and the route up to the course is uphill so wear shoes or boots with good grip. No stilettos for Mr Chillingworth if he's coming!

A word about the zero range. Those of you that are familiar with Furnace Mill should be aware that the normal plinking and zero range will be out of action. The plinking and zero range that will be used is in the field behind the buildings. You just need to go round the right side of the buildings to get to it.

Finally I should say again that Ed and Jane have been very, very helpful to Johnny and I in sorting the course and the zero range and big thanks should go to them.

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