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Edit ... I'm reading through the thread on BBS so I sort of answered that question myself.

The other thing that saddens me a little about reading through the thread ...

... there seems to be an almost 'Gang Mentality' forming regarding internet airgun boards. The BBS has long since been known for it's culling of posts/threads and banning of members. So members have fitted in elsewhere ... including STB. I remember, following the first HFT Worlds, there was a rumble about too many HFT World posts in General Airgun on the BBS, and people were offended when they were moved to a different sub section.

I must admit I find myself coming on here now for airgun chat and questions about shooting, and mainly check out the BBS for stuff for sale.

Seems a shame that there is a divide forming ... although I can see that if people were banned from the BBS for having an opinion, then that opinion will be aired somewhere else, and that may include negatives directed at the people on the BBS that silenced them.

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