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Originally Posted by JasonGoldsmith66 View Post

the UK Agent release a Press Statement saying quite simply, and along the lines.... he is appallled as we all are, and categorically sign the Press Release confirming -

"...he loves the LP50 product and has had many happy customers since the last 10 years plus, and that the Big Bro equivalent- when Steyr Austria told him of its development 2 or 3 years ago... was getting excited and was looking forward to bringing into UK market - as the "UK Official Import" H 5 Semi Auto (quasi identical/mechanical semi auto brethren of the LP50 & thus a non issue legally)..

Alas, the GTA, for whatever reason, MAY have fumbled in dealing with Home Office (and to this day - he has had no clarification nor satisfaction from "them," as to what transpired- and who screwed up).

Yes, indeed, he sought extra clarification...but was stunned at the turn of events. And for this reason, Steyr UK Ltd. is immediately resigning as member from the GTA. He is also appalled & disappointed regarding all the phone calls eminating to several Euro shops from a UK person advising AGAINST selling onward to UK consumers ; he is further saddedned by another rumour which purports that some UK consumers were priviledged to have heard first hand from these shops, that names were being gathered by Steyr (not clear if Steyr Austria or Steyr UK), which goes against numerous Data Privacy laws.

In summary, Steyr UK , for its reputation sake, and that by default of the parent company - would like to thank all its faithful customers and hereby sets the record straight "

All this is reputation management - class 101.

I mean you get the drift right ?

Kudos if it happens.

Shame if it doesnt.
So why didn't you ask me on that forum? Why copy it, get lipstick on your screen and post it here? Was it because you thought I wasn't on this forum? Seems a bit cowardly doesn't it?

I tried to buy an H5 last year and the RFD relayed the jist from Harry. The RFD told me he gets very upset about it, and I don't blame him as he's losing money. If I was him I'd want clarification. Wouldn't you? This predates this years shenanigans by a considerable time frame.

So, what's funny about that? It seems you're accusing me of something (why else hide it away here) but for the life of me I can't work out what.