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Default The Rule

Gary my take is that this rule was put in place for two reasons . one is cos a few people were accused of using the bag in a fashion described as cheating . two was as a clarification for the worlds . i have nothing against those who go to the worlds . good luck to em . but i do not see that here in the BFTA we need to concern ourselves with that . so that leaves the cheating part . this is simply cured by allowing the competitor to kneel how he chooses . over the bag , on the bag , without a bag , foot up , foot down .three points of contact , hand in front of the leading knee , simple . thus same for all , no cheating . the kneeling rules have come from small bore shooting . but they shoot under different conditions . we shoot under any conditions that occur .up hill down hill , sloping , windy , rainning , snowing . you name it we shoot in it . we need the stability that comes with the use of the bag . this rule makes cheat's out of shooters for no reason . to be upheld it needs proper qualified marshals on the lanes . we do not have any . sooner or later it will be dropped ??? HOLLY
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