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Originally Posted by Dale View Post
Whether the pellet is fired out of the magazine or seated in the breech is irrespective - the point is the rifle re-cocks itself and presents the next round as part of the firing cycle in preparation for the next shot, so it is a semi-automatic mechanism.

The biathlon version requires the lever to be operated to ready the action for the next shot, so it is a manual repeater.

So that definition - LP50 and H5 Semi Auto Mechs.

How come some people easily say Steyr H5 S/A is prohibited...but take forever to utter the same words from their lips, regarding the LP50 ? .... available for at least 10 years from UK shops as "official Imports" ? (assuming both are same mechs - 1 pistol at 6 ft/lb, and other big bro version, a rifle at sub 12 ft/lb).

What makes the Steyr H5 Semi Auto rifle...fair game to pillory , but not the LP50 ?

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