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Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
what he is saying is the pellet is fired from the magazine , not from the breach or barrel, hence having to have such a close fit between barrel and magazine other wise most or some of the air is dumped out the side.
the magazine is mechanically moved the same as the Biathlon ( i have both ).
take the air cylinder off and fire ( dry fire ) it will still cycle the mag forward to the next.
The problem as I understand it ,is how the charge of air for the projectile is delivered , I.E. is that mechanical or automatic, and I am not going to pull either of them apart to find that out.
Buy your own : )
Unless it's different on the Scout , i don't know as i have the standard model of both the Biathlon and H5SA.
Whether the pellet is fired out of the magazine or seated in the breech is irrespective - the point is the rifle re-cocks itself and presents the next round as part of the firing cycle in preparation for the next shot, so it is a semi-automatic mechanism.

The biathlon version requires the lever to be operated to ready the action for the next shot, so it is a manual repeater.

Before anyone says anything about a revolver - there are only two revolvers I know of that used a self cocking mechanism - the Webley Fosberry and the Mateba. Both illegal to own.

Mateba's were also made to comply with the 30-60 rule without the self cocking system and are legal to own but rare as rocking horse droppings.


Mateba self cocker:

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