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Default Zen and the Art of Barrel Maintenance

Hello All,

I won't get into the age old question of 'how to clean a barrel' - I've developed a method that I'm happy with on my HW77K.

BUT I've always wondered what exactly everyone means when they say 'until the patch comes out clean' - I use a 'pull through' method, and across my entire air rifle collection (PCPs too) I've never had a patch come out the barrel that didn't have some discoloration.

I've tried many different ways of cleaning over the years (I've stayed away from using cleaning rods though): tried different cleaning agents; varying degrees of 'patch tightness' (achieved by how you arrange the patch on the pull through) from 'easy to pull' to 'I think I'm going to break the cord' hard.

Also tried pulling through a few dozen patches a number of times, on different barrels, but still I can't get one to come out 'clean'

Am I missing something? Does anyone actually have a patch come out the other end as white as it went in?

Perhaps if I can achieve this state of cleanliness, all my shots will land where they should, my hair will grow back and my kids'll start listening to me again?
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