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Jess H Christ , I've been telling people this ever since the Steyr H5 Semi automatic first came out , first of all I complained that the rifle including my first , had AUTOMTIC stamped in BIG letters on the side.
Thankfully they have stopped doing that , probably nothing I said caused the change.
The H5SA cycles much like a Colt revolver but instead of a carousel magazine it has stick magazine.
Load the magazine with five pellets.
Push magazine fully home .
Cocking the rifle puts the first round in front of the breach block/ barrel, at no point is the pellet presented into the breach or barrel, the pellet is fired from the tight fit magazine, not the barrel or breach.
Pull triger first round goes down range, slow motion now, reliecing the trigger, mechanical and spring tension moves the magazine across, placing the second round in front of the breach / barrel, it is not inserted into the breach or barrel .
To me being ex forces and especially trained in all kinds of weapons this is not a true semi auto, it's a rifle with the actions of a revolver, all be it a modern take on a revolver, propellant being air and not black powder.
As BASC pointed out the other day Semi Auto, is complicated issue, depends how the round is presented, how it's fed Ect Ect Ect.
I disagree a fully loaded revolver has a round facing the chamber at all times, all that is required is to cock the pistol, pull the trigger and of you go.
Same as the Steyr, first round is facing the barrel, cock the rifle and away you go.

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