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Ok, for those banned from BBX ...if you have genuine grievances, and feel impartiality was lacking , there is recourse in the form of this...but *BEWARE* , an Editor for a national Mag is not the same as being Head Super Duper Commander in Chief, of a forum ...unless you pin it down in superbly written , grammatically error free letter..which *could* be published by another party, under FOI make your case watertight and stick to the facts,...


...This info. is publicly available here...

" We are committed to abiding by the Society of Editors Code of Practice.

If you think we've got it wrong, please let us know by contacting us using our main contact page.

If you have a complaint which canít be resolved by our editor please contact the

Independent Press Standards Organisation,
c/o Halton House,
20-23 Holborn,
London, EC1 2JD

or via

More information about IPSO and its regulations can be found at "


Some of you should read the Code of Practise and determine what can be ticked off, on your check list of grievance(s) >

Some questions to ponder.

1. Is the person also an accredited journalist ?

2. If yes, where are the credentials ? >

3. If no, is the individual under obligation on a UK Public forum, to maintain the degree of professionalism that is afforded to the readership , of said magazine ? ie: impartiality, fairness, accuracy, opportunity to reply ? etc..

4. If not under obligation - is that the publishers , or owners of forum, right to decide ?

5. Are there, any conflicts of interest arising in any of the above ? a) Editor of a Magazine & b) Super Admin of a Forum ? ...since individual performs 2 jobs - which role is "under contract" ? & which is personal opinion ? and therefore not the opinion of publishers which own the any chance of overlapping hats when it suits the individual , which causes mass confusion in the publics mind ?

***DISCLAIMER*** Am simply asking questions in a Free Democracy on a superb forum .
Any reference to this posting , is simply for information & educational purposes for members of the public to consider. Its neither an invitation to take action, but merely a post, pointing individuals some options with regards to democratic rights citizens have, in excercising those rights.