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Originally Posted by Minuteman View Post
Lots of other semi auto co2 pistols exist too in addtion to the CP88.

However, to some, guns such as the cp88 may appear in a less favourable light than the LP50, given that they might resemble something other than an ergonomic assembly of plumbing parts, to a less informed member of the public.

To my mind while that is wholly wrong in principle, I can understand the temptations there behind not wanting to present ourselves in anything other than the best possible light - even though this ultimately perpetuates and increases the level of ignorance and intolerance, and leads to the very situation we find ourselves facing here.

It is worth remembering in this light, that the semi-auto debate is being framed around the conceptions of some people from within our own community, who conjure images of drive-by shootings by SA owners from "trev'ed up Nova's", openly playing on the fears of others, and their misconceptions, to forward their agenda.

A case of a tangled web, and a double edge sword, if ever their was one.
Have there been any precedents to this type of crime?