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Originally Posted by rich View Post
I expect they have been told they are legal, whereas they have been told the rifles are illegal. Otherwise, why would Steyr in Austria continue to break the law for several years by supplying LP50s when they are now in some turmoil about being accessories to rifles being held illegally.
We are informed by virtue of HOC 68/097 that it was NOT Parliament's intention to include low power air guns into section 5(1)(ab) of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended).

Furthermore, given that small calibre (powder burning) pistols were banned by virtue of this same Act, this section of law must only have been intended to refer to powder burning, small calibre SA rifles.

If Mr Lassman's recent assertion is that "You will note that there is no exemption in this provision for air rifles/weapons" is to be considered as valid, then "rifled barrelled gun" must have included (historically) SA air pistols.

Either, low powered SA airguns are outside licencing, or they are not. If they are in, then SA air pistols should have been included and should continue to be so.

I wonder how the insurance companies would respond given the above?


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