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Originally Posted by rich View Post
On another forum we hear that the GTA would dearly love to sell semi auto air guns here; they want a part of the market that is sure to grow, given the free exposure it's had over the last few months.

So, if the technical legal position is "prohibited", but the practical position is, "tolerated", what stops the trade from carrying them in stock?

My guess is, it's the insurers. If I wouldn't go shooting without insurance, I sure as hell wouldn't deal in firearms without insurance. If I were an underwriter I'd be using the "prohibited" definition to walk away from any obligation or exposure in the event of a claim.

Could it be that what little lobbying the GTA are doing at the HO, at the rare meetings they've had, is all directed actually to get the promised change to the law effected, so that the insurers will be able to extend cover to the dealers, and we can look forward to racks of lovely semi autos to admire at the dealers, with price tickets that match the continental suppliers?
Ummm... so how do/will the insurers view semi auto pistols?